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Finland’s Capital of the Sustainable Development

Kiuruvesi is a lively countryside town located in eastern Finland in the county called Pohjois-Savo. Surrounded by unspoiled nature and committed to sustainable development it is proud to call itself ”Finland’s Capital of the Sustainable Development”. Notwithstanding its tranquil location, it is also by the side of convenient transport connections.

Foundation of the local authority dates back to 1873, when the community of farmers in the area had grown big enough to form an independent municipality. Skylark was chosen to become the heraldic animal of the municipality. Milk was the main product a century ago, and it is still the cornerstone of the local economy. Indeed, Kiuruvesi still today is one of the biggest producers of milk and beef in Finland. Nevertheless it is not only agriculture we live on. The other main fields of industry are forestry and metal.

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Living in high-class is possible in Kiuruvesi with reasonable costs. The town of Kiuruvesi can offer various and affordable lots for small residential buildings in a rustic environment, with good services at hand. The company Kiinteistö Oy Kiurunkulma administrates the town’s rental buildings. The residential areas are attractive and near the nature.

Our services and care extend from babies to grandparents. Kiuruvesi provides for places of children’s day care and sheltered living for the elderly. We have various schools in the town. Kiuruvesi gymnasium secondary school has courses for double qualifications and courses of performing arts, of mathematics and science as well as equitation courses.

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Kiuruvesi is a perfect place to set up a business, to work and to live in the nature, with well-functioning services at hand!

Kiuruvesi offers an active and versatile framework for economic life with excellent building ground and business premises between trunk roads 5 and 4 and with access to rail network. Kiuruvesi is famous for its local food, its diversified economic structure and its services easily available for business and families with children.

The municipality has invested especially in leisure services. There is a lot to do for fans of different sports and cultural events, as well as for people who love to wander in the nature. The town is engaged in intense cooperation with businesses and promotes entrepreneurship by providing for affordable lots and premises for businesses.

Do you want to live in an attractive environment with services of high quality? Do you want to raise your children in a safe environment and to ensure an active economy for your enterprise? Welcome to Kiuruvesi! We will do our best to entertain you!

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